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Tiffany’s Treasure Box is founded by Tiffany Rupert from a desire to see Men and Women enhance their look by finding clothing and accessories that brings out the inner beauty that’s in each of us. We specialize in women fashion jewelry and clothing which includes beautiful necklaces, eye catching bracelets, and styles of clothing to make sure our clients are always fitting in while fashionably sticking out. We offer high quality men accessories such as neckties, bow ties, exclusive cufflinks, and lapel pins along with men clothing for any occasion. Our line of Men accessories are sure to get you noticed as a man with a unique eye for Class and style. Above all the quality items we offer to our clients we here at Tiffany’s Treasure Box believe that the greatest thing a company can give it’s clients is excellent customer service. Our desire is to not only have you looking fabulous but have you feeling great!

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